People have probably speculated about alien life ever since they seemed up at these points of light in the night sky and wondered what if. Universal interest in and speculations about the fact of alien life, particularly extraterrestrial intelligences has waxed and waned over a few centuries. Obviously Christian religions have had to butt in and contribute their two cents worth – nothing positive came of these can guarantee you. Religion should really maintain its bloody nose from scientific problems that do not have any moral or ethical consequences.

Anyhow, though dating back to the early Greeks and likely before them, it is only in the past 500 or so years that have seen an order of magnitude increase in speculative interest about aliens and in the past 100 or so years an order of magnitude rise above that. There has been a further exponential growth in interest only in the last few generations as speculation has turned into experiments like the Viking space probes to Mars and SETI the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Human Design Development

That coupled with the appearance of the UFO phenomenon and the growth of interest in potential ancient astronauts has up the ante. A whole new science of astrobiology nee exobiology has risen within those last two generations and is now a well established discipline. But as of this writing, we are no wiser as to alien life compared to the ancient Greeks were. But probably before many of you reading these worlds head up to this terrific radio telescope at the sky, you will get an answer it could only be microbes on Mars, but that is still an answer.

Creativity: Both people and some animals can be innovatory imaginative necessity being the mother of innovation such as applying tool use to further their probability of survival and check my site The classic example is a few critters using twigs to pry out insects from within trees to their lunch. It is snack time. Only humans nevertheless are artistically creative with one possible exception whale songs. We are all artistically creative even if it is just cooking and planning meals deciding on furniture and its arrangement ditto our background or paint schemes our selection of carpets or tiles.

Even writing a letter or an email is an artistic creation as is picking ones hairstyle and wardrobe. Amateur photography is an artistic expression of course an exercise in imagination. The Mona Lisa could be thought of as a wonderful artistic work though you would have to pay me to hang it in my house but it is useless just another dust collector. Creating something with very little hope of recognition is certainly a universal human characteristic.